Picking the Perfect Board

Picking the Perfect BoardAre you new to the world of snowboarding? How can you find an awesome board to take up and enjoy this season? It helps to have an experienced boarder help you out as they can help you find a board that you can use for basic boarding, or one that is set for some hammer chutes, rail riding, and other fun things. Here are some tips you can use to pick out the perfect board.

Know your Board Type

When you head in for a board, you need to have an idea of the board type you want. Are you planning to do some all-mountain boarding? This board is used to do just about anything from groomed runs to some back-country boarding. Most boarders will pick an all-mountain board as it can do just about everything you need. If you are a boarder that is big into rail grinding, opt for a freestyle board. People that links to do some backcountry boarding can opt for the splitboard. Then there is the freeride boards which is perfect for the clumpy snow in the backcountry areas. If you spend a lot of time in the fluffy powder, you need the right powder board to ride on.

Pick Your Boots

The important part of boarding comes down to your feet. You need a good pair of boots that you are really comfortable wearing. Once you have a good set of boots, it is easy to match them up to a board that fits your needs.

Camber or Rocker?

When you are looking at the board types, you need to figure out if you are a camber or rocker. The camber will give you a stable ride on the hardpack and groomed runs. The camber is a good board for the hard turns and is very responsive. The rocker is a little different as it has upturned noses and tails. This is used to give you the right responsiveness for riding the rails and going through powder.


This is the part that is hard for some people to figure out. You want to stand a board on its tail and then determine where the nose of the board reaches. It should rest between your nose and chin to be the right size. A longer board is used for the boarders that want to go faster. If you are in for tricks and other things, opt for a board that is a little shorter.

Choose your Stance

One of the things that is important when choosing a board is figuring out your stance. Do you like to ride goofy? You need to look at the bolt holes to see how far apart they are, and how your binding and boots fit on them. If you are buying a brand like Burton, you won’t have bolt holes, they use slots instead of the bolt holes.

These tips were brought to you by: Atlanta Skateboard Shop.