Russian Donut Raft is Christened

You’ve got to hand it to the Russians for ingenuity, and perhaps temporary insanity. ┬áThis video of a boat that looks like….nothing I’ve ever seen before. I wish I was more clever, but this thing takes its travelers for an intense ride to say the least. My favorite parts are at 3:08-3:22 and 4:20-4:30. If you’re not a fan of getting wet, do not under any circumstances use this……raft, I guess that’s what it would be called. The music in the video is also pretty epic, reminiscent of James Bond 007 for Nintendo 64. The river is the Argut and is a fairly dangerous one at that. This clip was filmed in 2003 and is full of surprises and moments where you think the rafters must have drowned. The raft is called the Bublik-

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