Professional Concrete Cleaning And Sealing Services

dka712sThe surface of concrete is very similar to a sponge in many ways. The surface of your driveway, sidewalk or patio is very susceptible to a number of factors such as cold temperatures, precipitations, road salt, oil and more. As your concrete absorbs these items or comes into contact with certain conditions, this can cause concrete to crack and chip. Concrete is not a cheap investment so it is important to consider concrete cleaning and sealing. This helps protect your concrete and will keep it looking its best for many years to come.

Concrete Cleaning
To begin the process, a thorough power wash of your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, etc. is done. This helps remove any built up contaminants or grime. Power washers are designed to give a much better cleaning than would be accomplished with a regular garden hose or a scrub brush. Professional power washers have a number of attachments that can be switched on and off to provide different cleaning strengths and abilities. A professional will know what kind of pressure to apply in order to clean the surface but not etch it or damage it.

Concrete Sealing
There are a number of high penetrating concrete sealants that can be applied to concrete. The product will soak in and provide a protecting layer to help prevent future contaminants from absorbing into the concrete surface. You can have this product applied every year or so to refresh the protection from dirt, oil, algae, mold, etc. Different products apply to different climates. If your area sees a lot of moisture that freezes on top of your concrete, this should be considered. Very hot climates that have sun beating down on the concrete day after day might need a different type of protection.

Concrete cleaning and sealing is imperative when it comes to a great concrete maintenance plan. Each property is different, so it might vary how often you need to have this professionally done. A very harsh winter or sunny summer might be enough just cause for you to call in a professional. A reputable concrete contractor in your area can help recommend how often you should have this process done and can complete the task for you so it is done right. This will help protect your concrete investment for many years to come so you can enjoy the look of concrete without having to deal with imperfections.

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