Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

motorcycle_maintenanceIf you are a motorcyclist you may be wondering what some good maintenance tips are for your bike. Maintaining your bike is important to avoid accidents. However, if you need to don’t be afraid to contact motorcycle lawyers. They are experienced in motorcycle accidents in particular and can help you get what you need. In regards to maintenance tips, fear not, the American Motorcyclist Association have put out some great and helpful tips for maintaining your bike. First of all, you want to make sure and regularly change the oil. I’m sure this tip comes as no surprise to you. We hear all the time that we need to have routine oil changes for our vehicles. However this is especially true with motorcycles. It is vitally important to get an oil change when it is recommended, and make sure it is with the right type of oil. The oil in a motorcycle helps to protect the various parts that are whirling around inside at high speeds. As the quality of the oil breaks down, the changes of the parts getting damaged increases. That is why it is important to stay on top of the schedule for oil changes and to make sure you use high quality oil. You can check your owners manual for the best oil type for your particular model. Second, make sure to take time to clean the air filter. Believe it or not, a lot of stuff that enters into your motorcycle doesn’t come back out, but rather gets trapped in the air filter. That being said by having unclean air filters you can have foreign objects in there damaging your valves, internal bearings and even your cylinders. So at a very minimum follow the air filter clean schedule in your manual, but keep in mind if you live in a particular dusty area you might want to switch it out more regularly. Third, you will want to be aware of the air pressure in your tires. If you have the wrong amount not only is it dangerous, but it can also have an affect on the fuel mileage and even the handling of your bike. Use your owners manual to determine the correct psi and make sure to regularly check your tires to make sure they are where they should be for the best performance. A fourth tip for good motorcycle maintenance is to grease your bearings. This is particularly important for the steering head bearings and suspension linkage. You want to be careful when it comes to maintaining your bearings because once they start to go bad, they deteriorate really quickly. Keep up with regular checks in order to stay safe. Lastly, another tip is to protect your battery. The best way to keep your battery life strong is to charge it using a trickle charger in the down time when you aren’t using it. The best type of battery is a sealed, maintenance free so try to look for one of those.

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