Moab-The Perfect Getaway

If you haven’t been to Moab, Utah you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime. Within a 30 minutes from downtown Moab you can find rock-climb, river-raft, bike, hike, camp, and fine amazing trails for your motorcycle, four-wheeler, or any other off road vehicle. One could drive on any of the roads outside of the city and there’s an adventure waiting to happen. A friend and I spent this last weekend exploring some new trails and campsites that I highly recommend.

Seven Mile-Rim Road

“Go nine miles north of Moab on U.S. 191. Just across from the Archview Campground (north of Utah Highway 313), turn west to begin the route. Travel a well maintained road for four miles from U.S. 191, then turn west and start up a series of steep ledges. You will pass a “Sevenmile Rim” sign at this turn. Follow the marked trail to Uranium Arch.” (directions courtesy of the BLM)

This trail is awesome, there are many varying degrees of difficulty on this trail. The picture below is an example of some of the more difficult sections, we had to get out of the car in a few spots and plan our path. Along with the rock ledges there are some sandy parts and narrow spots. Most of the trail goes along a wash and depending on the time of year there is usually some water to drive through.


Sunshine Wall

A part of me doesn’t want to post about this place because it is pretty secluded and not really well known. When we were there we had the place to ourselves. But here we go, “Sunshine Wall can either be reached by driving roads east from US 191 or by going through Arches NP on a gravel road. Probably the fastest way is from 191. Look for a good non-paved road heading east between mile markers 152 and 153. Drive about a mile, and then take a right immediately after crossing a small bridge. In another ~2 miles, take a right at a T-junction. From here start looking for Sunshine Wall. It will be obvious on the left, and a mild 4WD road cuts off left to the base.” (

The wall has a few routes to rock climb, but be advised it’s mostly slab climbing and there aren’t a lot of holds. That being said, a lot of the wall is on an angle that makes the climb a little easier. At the base of the wall there are a few large rocks that serve as perfect wind-breakers to create a pretty secluded camping spot. There are a few trails that you can hike and we saw a few antelope while we were there. The scenery is fantastic and if you’re looking for a spot with little to no other campers this is your spot.


  1. Lance Osborne says:

    Chris – this trip was so freakin legit!!
    Talking about it or posting pictures doesn’t do justice… Especially Sunshine Wall! But all of it – exploring to find both campsites, climbing that “peak” solo, talking around the campfire – “what would you do if coyotes attacked us right now?!!” haha, off-roading for OUR first time!!! haha. Super Legit two days and besides your jeep taking the worst injuries…only came away with a few cuts and scratches! Super Fun!


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