Swimming Platform for Summer

Swimming-PlatformDuring the summer months, it is natural that people love to swim and sunbathe. And for lakefront property owners, having the freedom to do this within short walking distance from their front door is even more desirable. Floating Swim Platforms can easily fulfill this need for property owners who are looking to create a perfect spot on their property for friends and family to enjoy swimming and lounging under the sun on. There are many different types of floating swim platforms available on the market, however there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing what kind of swim platform to buy. Factors such as the ease of storage and assembly, shape and size, as well as being eco friendly are all important to consider. One quality option available to choose from is Dock Blocks.

These specific swimming platforms are made out of a series of connectable blocks, each of which can hold up to 200 hundred pounds. This enables a platform of any size and shape to be made constructed, according to preference and need. This allows the owner to also have a swimming platform that is eco-friendly in comparison to other wooden platforms that float on dense foam underneath, because the blocks are made out This gives the owner an advantage over owners of other platforms, because each block is made out of an eco friendly plastic.

Another great aspect of being able to take assemble and disassemble your swimming area in small pieces, is that it allows for easy storage and transportation. It can be a difficult and frustrating process that requires a lot of strong people to take a one piece swimming platform out of storage and get it into the water. Taking it back out can be just as strenuous. But a single person could put together a Dock Block swimming platform if necessary.

Oftentimes a swim dock will get very hot when exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time, or can become incredibly slippery. Both cases can make it difficult to stand and walk barefoot on the platform comfortably. A slippery surface could even potentially end up causing injury if someone were to accidentally fall. Dock Blocks do not collect as much heat, making them more comfortable to stand on, and built in anti-slip textures are a nice touch go a long way in helping to keep someone from injuring themselves while having fun.

Russian Donut Raft is Christened

You’ve got to hand it to the Russians for ingenuity, and perhaps temporary insanity.  This video of a boat that looks like….nothing I’ve ever seen before. I wish I was more clever, but this thing takes its travelers for an intense ride to say the least. My favorite parts are at 3:08-3:22 and 4:20-4:30. If you’re not a fan of getting wet, do not under any circumstances use this……raft, I guess that’s what it would be called. The music in the video is also pretty epic, reminiscent of James Bond 007 for Nintendo 64. The river is the Argut and is a fairly dangerous one at that. This clip was filmed in 2003 and is full of surprises and moments where you think the rafters must have drowned. The raft is called the Bublik-

National Geographics Top Adventurers of 2013

It’s getting to the end of the year when everybody is coming out with lists of the best whatever and so on; so if you spend time to vote for anything this year make it the Top Adventurer. The polling goes through National Geographic but here is the list and a quick synopsis of what they’ve done.

1. Felix Baumgartner- Clearly the most well known of the top ten but just to recap- Baumgartner jumped from a small helium balloon 128,100 feet, or about 23.5 miles. He became the first human to break the sound barrier without mechanical help-ever.   Delivering one of the best quotes of 2012 he said- “I wish the whole world could see what I see,” said Baumgartner. “Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are.” Full interview here

2. Renan Ozturk- Artist, film-maker, and mountain climber- Renan Ozturk has been documenting trips for quite some time. Recently he and two others were the first to ever climb Mount Meru aka the Shark Fin- in the Himalayas. Meru is viewed as a religious symbol of the center of the universe and had never been successfully climbed along the steep ascent. In 2008 Ozturk attempted the climb and documented it only to be forced to turn back 150 meters from the top. He returned in 2011 and finished the climb, scaling the sheer cliff and going down in the history books.

3. Steve Fisher- A native of South Africa, Fisher became the first ever to navigate through the legendary Inga rapids in the Congo- the most difficult rapids in the world. Second only to the Amazon river as far as volume is concerned, the Inga is also in the war torn country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A group of seven adventurers had attempted the rapids in 1985 but disappeared- either because of the river or perhaps being caught in the crossfire.

4. David Lama-  The mountain of Cerro Torre in Italy has quite a history- saturated with controversy stemming back to Cesare Maestri who put in many bolts on the mountain and launched the issue of ethical climbing behavior. No one has ever been able to climb the peak without the help of Maestri’s bolts until David Lama. At the spry age of 22 Lama free climbed the mountain.

5. Mike Libecki- This guy has a whole slew of firsts and adventures that he accomplished this year- here they are in rapid fire succession.

  • First ascent of Borneo’s West Kalimantan
  • Snowboard in Afghanistan’s (that’s right Afghanistan) Koh-e Baba Mountains and then kite skied over some mountain lakes.
  • Stand-up paddleboarded in Franz Josef Land, right by the North Pole- paddling in between islands and climbing mountains solo that had never before been climbed.
  • Made a new climb on a granite mountain on Greenland’s coast.
  • He is currently heading to Antartica to climb more stuff that has never been climbed before

This guy loves the adventure and the unknown,  his favorite saying is:

“Death and/or old age is coming…..we must live sweet.
The time is now. Why ration passion?
Dream big…..and climb those dreams.
After all, it is not only life, but the quality of this life.”

6. Lizzy Hawker- Trail runners, I give you your Michael Jordan, Mohammad Ali, and or Jackie Robinson of running. Hawker recently ran the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc; it’s a French race if you couldn’t tell. It’s a 103- mile race that puts runners traveling through the mountains of France, Italy, and Switzerland.  Oh ya, and she won it- five years in a row- which as you probably have guessed by now is unprecedented. Last year she set the world record for women’s distance run in a 24 hour period with 153.5 miles.

7. Josh Dueck– This story is more about just being the first to do something, it’s about not letting a disability slow you down. Dueck became a parapalegic after a skiing accident- refusing to let that stand in his way Dueck became a pioneer in a new sport. This year he became the first person to do a back flip in a sit-ski.

8. Shannon Galpin- Mountain biker and humanitarian Galpin has been bringing attention to woman’s rights in the war-torn country of Afghanistan. Teamed up with a group of photographers, she is a voice for change using art and photographs. She is also the founder of Mountain2Mountain, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding woman’s rights and oppurtunities for education. Galpin has taken advantage of bike riding and rode 140 miles in the Panjshir Valley to raise money.

9. Jeremy Jones- For years Jones has been an inspiration to snowboarders and skiiers alike for his innovation and seeming fearless desire to push his sport farther. He has now become the face of backcountry snowboarding, making several films and founding his own company dedicated to the sport. Jones took these risks in 2009 and now they are starting to pay off, the sport is growing thanks to the help of two films he put out Deeper, and Further. Always pushing the envelope, Jones is the face of backcountry snowboarding.

10. Ramon Navarro- Chilean surfer Navarro rode what he and many others are calling the perfect wave, this past summer in Fiji. His ride is being deemed the best tube ride ever, and even though I could describe it to you- the video below is way better.


I personally don’t know who I’m gonna vote for, with so many history making accomplishments it’s hard to say but if you want to vote click here, oh and you can vote everyday. The competition is run through national geographic and if you want more info about the nominees or honorable mentions you can go here. http://goo.gl/vMJYg

Tales of Adventure- Bora Bora

So far on this site the adventure stories have been mostly exclusively Utah or at least Western US stories- but here’s a story about a trip to Bora Bora. One of the most exotic places on the earth, it looks awesome! I think I’m gonna get my inflatable raft and head down- click here

Kite-Boarding in Hurricane Sandy

So while most people are trying to lay low during Hurricane Sandy, this guy is taking advantage of the weather. Now I’m not a mathematician but this dude is hauling.  Originally posted on CNN you can find the story here on grind tv watch video below