Building Your Own Skateboard

Building Your Own SkateboardChances are that in your busy and hectic lives you may not have much time for a hobby currently. I know for the past couple of years that has been my particular predicament. However I feel it is important that we make time for hobbies in our lives.

Why is having a hobby so important? Not only does a hobby help to keep you occupied, but it is crucial in helping you maintain a healthy body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hobbies are great because they allow an individual an outlet to release tension and regroup. We all know the devastating effects of stress. I for one know this in a very real sense, as I struggle with chronic high stress. If you try to spend some time each and every week doing something you enjoy such as a hobby, you can help to relieve your body from this negative poison.

Hobbies also have the ability to reaffirm an individual’s self worth. Just like it is important to look outside ourselves and serve others, we need to serve ourselves as well. Taking time to give yourself a much needed break and allow yourself to work on a hobby can help you to take care of your self and to feel important as you accomplish a project or something you like!

That being said, I know a lot of people enjoy skateboarding. That could be a great hobby because it gets individuals outside, and moving so it has a few different benefits. However, have you ever considered building your own skateboard? Talk about accomplishing a project! First you will need to gather a few materials. These materials include: veneer, tie bond glue 3 ultimate glue, a molded press, jig saw, router of rasp, spray paint, clear coat laquer, and painters tape. You will need a total of seven planks. The top plank will be sanded only on one side, the next plank will not have any side sanded, the third plank will be cut against the grain, the fourth plank will be both sides non sanded, the fifth plank is cut against the grain again, the sixth plank is another no side sanded plank and the bottom or seventh plank is another one where only one side is sanded. Take your tie bond glue and glue all seven planks together in the order previously mentioned. Once the glue is dried put the group of planks in a molded press and let it take shape for a day to a day and a half so that it sets good and strong. Figure out the design of your board and lay a blueprint on top of the planks. Once you have determined where you want things start cutting the shape out. Once your board is now cut out, use the router of rasp to curve the edges so that you won’t get slivers. Then using sandpaper or even steel wool take the time to completely sand the entire board. Finally you will paint the board however you see fit using spray paint and the clear laquer.

I was shocked to learn how seemingly easy it would be to build a skateboard. So instead of going to the nearby skate shops consider making your very own and unique skateboard today! There won’t be anything else like it! 

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