Best Bait

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There are so many different ways that people catch fish, the old guys are set in their ways and the young guys go for the flashy lures. If you do not already have a set method of fishing, pay attention to some of these suggestions because they can be worth the experimentation.

If you are fishing for carp, large fish that usually live in lakes, then you are going to want to use kernels of sweet corn. It is strange that such a large fish would go for something so tame, but these are not like large-mouth bass. They have small mouths and are completely vegetarians. The best kind of corn is sweet corn. All you have to do is throw your hook with the corn into the shallows and sit for a minute and you will have hooked a great fish.

If you are wanting to fish for some bass, the kind of lure you select will determine the kind that you get. Small-mouth are usually much more attracted to smaller lures. If you have anything that looks like a fly or a worm, they will go for those. Even a small piece of Spam would work. Large-mouth bass like the bigger lures. They go for things like small fish, frogs, and spinners. Spinners are great because they are fast and they keep the fish interested. The only fish you will be hooking with one of those are the lively ones.

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