3 Essential Camping Accessories

campingIf you consider yourself an outdoors kind of person than there is most likely nothing that you would appreciate more than a simple innovation that makes your outdoor experience even the smallest bit easier. Keeping yourself in touch with a home base, getting around in the dark, and finding a sanitary way of answering nature’s call are three good examples of necessary tasks when camping that are made easy by simple and cheap camping products. For these particular camping quandaries, the best products available would be:

  1. A foldable solar panel
  2. A ten day lantern
  3. A folding stainless steel hand shovel

Safety has to be of the upmost importance when considering what you need to pack along with you. With that in mind you need to make sure that you have a dependable means of communication with home. It is not worth the potential risk of losing that connection on the off chance that you need to reach someone who can give you medical aid. To avoid this it would be very wise to equip yourself with a foldable solar panel. This allows you to keep your phone totally charged and at the ready for any situation that might require you to get in contact with someone who is not on the camping trip with you.

A ten day lantern only makes practical sense. If you are planning on a camping trip then there is no doubt that you have already planned on bringing with you some source of artificial light, a flashlight, or maybe even some other lesser lantern. These options are fine, but should be reconsidered with the idea of a ten day lantern in mind. Sure, you can get by with a flashlight or something similar, but why choose a flashlight that will need battery replacement after the first few days? Having a lantern that lasts ten days allows you to forget about packing more than one set of extra batteries, and makes your night time visibility one less thing to worry about.

Finally, keeping yourself clean while you answer nature’s call should never have to be something that is a gamble. Keeping a foldable stainless steel shovel does three things for you while on a camping trip: 1) it helps your personal business go a little smoother, 2) it cuts down on space being used in your backpack, and 3) it is the lightest of the options and reduces the weight of your backpack. With these three things all playing their part there is little reason not to consider the small expense of one of these incredibly handy shovels for the next time you find yourself out in the wild.

These three products can improve any campers experience and can also allow for some unexpected luxuries along the trek.

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